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If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life. - Equestrian Co.

Horsemanship and


ABOUT Harmony

Life is too short to not experience the magic of time spent with horses. Harmony With Horses is a program I developed as a means to connect our amazing horses with the people  in our community. The main focus of Harmony is to build a safe and solid foundation before riding off into the sunset (if riding is something your loved one is interested in) or to work on other areas based on the individual needs of the student.


As a horsemanship and wellness program we cover safety and etiquette, ground work, colors breeds etc, grooming, observation, mindful practice and games with the horses. At the end of each session the students have hopefully shed some of their stress and anxiety, built confidence in themselves and with working with the horses and have the best leg up when it comes to joining the riding program should that be a goal. 


Classes run in 5 week sessions with and consist of 1-3 students and are 

$65 per student x 6 sessions = $325 for the 5 week program.


Our Harmony students work with lesson horses and our herd of rescued  and rehabilitated therapy horses. Many of the horses are retired and have injuries that prevent them from carrying riders. The love and attention that the students shower on the horses is mutually felt as the horses give back their love and appreciation.  There is much happiness and bonding that happens between the students and the horses during the classes along with the learning of basic horsemanship as is appropriate to the age(s) of those participating.

A little more about us


ABby Illenberger

- Equine SPecialist 

Abby Illenberger's passion for working with horses started at the age of 5 when Abby moved to Texas and got her first pony, Sugar, and his buddy, Cocoa (an unbroken 2 year old quarter horse). 


 Despite leaving Texas for the east coast, horses remained a passion for Abby. The cowgirl spirit and love of sharing the magic that happens between people and horses has been a constant in Abby's life. As a certified equine specialist through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association   (Eagala), Abby enjoys working with people from all walks of life, especially children and veterans. 


 Abby has seen the power of equine assisted learning with the help of her own horses Titan and Snooze and  is grateful for the opportunity to bring families and horses together. 


-Pinto quarter Horse

Titan was born in approximately 2001. From what Abby knows he was a well loved horse to at least one family with young girls. The girls grew up and he was sitting his cute behind in a pasture just waiting for Abby to be his new mama.


Abby and Titan became family in March of 2018. Since then, the pair has competed in several in barn competitions, trick riding clinics and sorting events.


Titan is a solid "all around" pony who now excels as a therapy horse as well as flag carrier and multi-talented western horse.


Titan is an "in your pocket" gelding who freely gives his love and attention to all who need it. 


-Bay American Mustang

Snooze, an American mustang born in approximately 2015, comes from the Devil's Garden HMA in California. Snooze was picked up as the 2020 Los Angeles Extreme Mustang Makeover horse for trainer Sam Van Fleet.


Snooze participated in 100 days of training where she honed her "wild to mild" skills. Snooze is a sweet mare who embodies intelligence and willingness. Snooze excels in all tasks thrown at her and is well on her way to be an excellent equine assisted learning horse. 

Everyone who has spent time with Snooze loves her. 


We are taking new clients on a limited basis.

Classes are offered by appointment only. I will work with you to find a day and time that meet your needs to the best of my ability. Classes meet weekly. 

Current available classes meet Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9-2pm depending on availability. *Afternoons and weekends are not available at this time.

Classes run in 5 week sessions. Minimum class requirement is 2 students. Max is 4. 

For siblings we try to limit the class to siblings only.

$65 per student x 5 sessions = $325 for the 5 week program. Each class is 60 minutes


Minimum class age is 5. 


I work with people of all ages. Please keep in mind that while we do work with our therapy horses,

this is not "horse therapy" and I am not a licensed therapist. 

The foundation of this program is horsemanship.

We build upon that concept based on the individual needs of the students. 

Single sessions scheduled by appointment.

  • Parent and kiddo(s) 

  • Couples 

  • Getting back into horsemanship


"We started Harmony for Horses in September(2020). I knew nothing about this program and if it could even help with the behaviors we were dealing with. When I heard about this program I mentioned it to "A", she frowned upon it. I talked her into it, to try it and if she didn’t like it we didn’t have to go back. Six months later, I have to lasso her to leave the barn." -K.S.

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